The Egyptian IVF-ET Center

The Egyptian IVF-ET Centre is one of the first two fertility centers in the region, a project undertaken in 1986 by world renowned gynecologists Prof. Mohamed Aboulghar, Prof. Gamal Serour and Dr. Ragaa Mansour. As Egypt’s first fertility facility, its highly skilled team has gained unparalleled experience in treating various fertility problems and contributed to international research in reproductive medicine; hence, the Egyptian IVF-ET Centre has attained an international repute and has been attracting patients from all over the world. The facility has been helping thousands of families in Egypt and worldwide for almost three decades now. The Egyptian IVF-ET does not only offer the knowledge and expertise of its prominent physicians but operates at high technological and ethical standards. A modern facility located in the serene neighborhood of Maadi in the suburbs of Cairo, the centre is accessible to patients travelling from all over the country. Our staff includes pioneers in the field of IVF as well as a team of a 119 talented and trained medical personnel available to help you. Our services vary from consultation, offering advice and explanations to full medical intervention. In our quest for a better service to our patients we applied for the quality assurance policies and obtained the ISO 9001: 2008 and are proud to announce that we are the first, and so far the only, place in Egypt to have received the ISO for scientific research in fertility.

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Founded in the year 1986, the first ever medical facility of its kind for infertility treatment to be established in Egypt. We have been putting a smile on the faces of thousands of couples over the past three decades. The center is a modern facility located in the lovely district of Maadi, within reach from almost any where in EGYPT. Our staff are comprised of experts in the field of in vitro fertilization, supported by a well trained team of over 120 members working together to ensure the best possible quality to our patients. --> more

Message from the Founders


"Founding of an IVF centre in Egypt was a dream in the mid 80s. With a great support of my partners and the Egyptian community and our colleagues we were able to establish a highly advanced centre of an international reputation because of the high quality standard of service and an enormous amount of research which was translated into large number of international publications in the top journals of the world. "

Mohamed AboulGhar

"Dear couples searching for parenthood , we are all here to help you having a healthy baby . You will achieve that with the most successful, cost effective , pleasant, safe, and scientific way."

Ragaa Mansour

"To Allah belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth; He creates what he wills. He gives to whom He wills female [children], and He gives to whom He wills males. Al Shura:49 And God bestowed upon us science and experience which enabled us to turn this dream true at the center for thousands of our patients since 1986"

Gamal Aboul Serour

The medical conference celebrating 30 Years

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  • I had a very nice experience in this organization, as they were one of the reasons (after Allah) to have my wonderful baby. I really recommend this organization to everyone who considers IVF. The warm environment that I saw there is one of all reasons to make you cheerful and gives you hope. All the staff from the reception till the doctors are very organized and all of them knows very well what they have to do. The most important thing to many of us is that the prices (fees) are very low.

    • -S
  • This was my first experience with IVF and I was unsure what to expect, particularly coming from the UK and only speaking a little Arabic. The staff at the centre made the experience as easy as possible. The nurses were always kind and helpful and the doctors were happy to speak English and always took the time to explain things clearly. The Egyptian way of doing things can be confusing and chaotic at times so anyone coming from abroad would need an Arabic speaker to guide them but overall I would highly recommend the clinic and will always be grateful to them for helping one achieve my first pregnancy.

    • -S. R.
  • I’m one of the patients of your center. Most of my life I’ve been working as a consultant and trainer and I’m used to assess the services. Subconsciously, I’m assessing services everywhere. I was doing so also in you center during my first two visits, after it I stopped as I was absolutely satisfied. I would like to thank you for very effective way of organization of your center, for reasonable prices and the trust and confidence that I found in your center. I would like to thank also all staff members for being supportive, organized, very fast and polite. Despite I had previous very bad experience in other hospital but here I started to trust professionalism of the staff. I don’t know what will be the result of my IVF but I know that your center did its best. With gratitude, Sincerely,

    • -T. M.
  • I was most impressed with your IVF Unit. As an inspector for the HEFA for 7 years, I have seen many IVF Units in the UK and I think that your one is one of the best I have seen. I hope that you will have continued success. Professor Sir Malcolm Macnaughton MD, LLD, FRCP (Glas), FRCOG, FFPP, FRSE Former President of RCOG, UK

    • -Professor Sir Malcolm Macnaughton
  • السلام عليكم ورحمة الله رزقنا بمولود ذكر بتاريخ 11يناير 2012 واخترنا له اسم (محمد) وهو بصحة جيدة والحمدلله نحمد الله حمدا كثيرا علي هذه النعمة التي انتظرناها كثير فله الحمد كما ينبغي لجلال وجهه وعظيم سلطانه والشكر لكم جميعا علي ما قدمتموه لنا من رعاية طبية ونتمني لكم التوفيق والسداد وشكرا

    • -
  • قمت بالمتابعه معكم لعمل حقن وتم سحب 5 بويضات وفي يوم الترجيع عرفني د. ابو الغار بان هناك3 تم تخصيبهم ولكنهم لم ينقسموا وعليه فلا مجال للترجيع ﻻنها ﻻتصلح لتكون جنين.. لذا اقدم كل الشكر ﻻمانتكم في عدم استغلال المريض وهي امانه لم تعد موجوده حاليا

    • -ك. ن.
  • جيت المركز لثقتي في مؤسسيه خصوصا أد محمد ابوالغار وبجد ثقتي كانت في محلها لما وجدته من نظام واهتمام ودقة ومصداقية من جميع العاملين والأطباء بالمركز والحمد لله ربنا رزقني بتوأم من أول محاوله ربنا يباركلي فيهم ويرزق الجميع بالذرية الصالحة

    • --
  • شكر خاص الى الدكتور محمد ابو الغار و الفريق الطبى الذى يعمل معه لأنه كان السبب بعد الله فى رزقى بطفل جميل بعد 11 سنة من زواجى

    • -Hesham Gamil
  • Dear Sir,,, I am so glad to inform you that finally after long treatment before starting with your center I am pregnant !! thanks to your effort , I never expect to get treatment without getting hyper stimulation like what had always since the beginning of my treatment thanks to your accurate selection of dose. I forward my thanks also to the nice and helpful staff in the center .

    • --
  • السلام عليكم ورحمه الله وبركاته وبعد ،،، شكر وتقدير للمركز المصري لاطفال الانابيب بمصر الشكر لله سبحانه وتعالى بالنعمة التي انعمها علي بتحقيق الأمل في الإنجاب وشكري وتقديري الى الدكتور / يحيى امين الذي له الفضل بعد الله سبحانه وتعالى في تحقيق الحلم واشكره ع رحبة صدره الذي كان يعاملني كآبنه له وله الفضل الأكبر بتهياتي نفسيا ،، وبعد ذلك علاجيا وشكري لدكتوره / رجاد منصور التي أتمت إنهاء هذا العلاج بالنجاح كما اشكر جميع أعضاء المركز المصري لاطفال الانابيب ع الاهتمام والتعامل الراقي

    • --
  • I am 41 years old , working a full time job in UAE. I have approached the center last year as I have been trying to conceive for almost eight years after having my daughter in 2006. Given that I am not living in Egypt and the days that I can take off from work to travel to Egypt were limited, the Team at the center - after assessing my case- has managed to set a timeline for the full process where I have started the medication in UAE and took the minimum possible days off from work. the process was very organized , the whole team was very professional and supportive, all the steps were explained to me in details and they were prompt in replying to all my questions through email and phone. Alhamdullelah our experience was successful and we were blessed with a baby girl. I would also like to stress that the center cares more about the patient, the results and providing a very caring environment while maintaining a very reasonable cost for the procedure. special thanks to Dr. Mona Abou Elghar and the whole team.

    • --
  • The IUI procedure that we underwent at your center on July 15 was a success! By the grace of god, after 18 days we were excited to see a positive home pregnancy test result this morning.

    I would like to thank Dr Mona for helping me with the ovarian stimulation, and patiently answering all our questions and concerns.

    Thank you Dr Laila for preparing us for IUI, prioritizing me and making sure the procedure was done at the right time.

    And last but not least, thank you Dr Walid for stepping in at the last minute and doing the IUI procedure just before we rush directly to the airport back to Dubai.

    On our behalf, please also thank the nurses and the team that supported us. Special thanks to Nurse Jihane for being so positive and calming me down throughout the process.

    • ---

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