Our Mission

The mission of The Egyptian IVF-ET Center is to help infertile couples achieve their hope of conception in a safe and scientifically effective way, thus we aim to:

1. Employ compassion as well as innovation in providing cost-effective treatment that is compliant with the highest international standards (scientific, educational , technological and clinical).

2. Offer a range of fertility treatments selected according to the best interest of our patients’ health and well-being.

3. Provide clinically tested and scientifically based treatments to our patients.

4. Commit to constant research in the field of infertility and assisted reproduction to optimize the outcome for our patients.

5. Achieve our goal through the knowledge, expertise and dedication of our highly trained staff along with the application of teamwork.

6. Utilize technology to communicate information as an integral component of our patient care system.

7. Ensure the highest level of technical performance through exchange of data and provision of scientific research updates during regular staff meetings. We ensure that members of our team participate in international scientific conferences where our work is presented and discussed.

8. Make latest scientific publications in the field of reproductive technology immediately accessible to team members, to optimize technological application in our procedures.

9. Maintain strong ties and communication with other organizations involved in the field, both regional and international e.g Egyptian Fertility Society, Middle East Fertility Society, European Society of human reproduction and embryology ESHRE, and the American Society of reproduction medicine ASRM.The center and its founders ( Prof Mohamed Aboulghar , Prof Gamal Aboulserour, Dr Ragaa Mansour) have participated and organised multiple workshops and pre congress courses in clinical IVF & embryology aimed at training and education of doctors and lab specialists working the field .

10. Quality assurance of all our practices including clinics, operating rooms, sterilization, chemical and embryology lab specifications through accreditation by the ISO 9001:2008.

11. Take into consideration societal pressures and sensitivities while pertaining to internationally recognized moral standards.

12. Provide a friendly and stress-free environment where patients are safely led through their procedures.

13. The Egyptian IVF Center has recently in the last 3 years given the opportunity for training of young doctors through allowing them to attend the clinics of all our staff to gain experience in counseling and managing cases candidate for IVF and infertility management, in addition to yearly scientific meetings including educational lectures presented by our founders and clinicians.