Semen Analysis

Resort to the Egyptian IVF center and get your semen analysis & evaluate sperm count and morphology. Abnormal results mean further testing is required.

Monitoring Ovulation

Track the fertility progress and measure the hormones in your blood/urine besides ovulation monitor or performing ultra sound in the Egyptian IVF Center

Ovulation Induction

Experience the benefits of the Egyptian IVF Center, providing ovulation induction helping regulate ovulation to increase the likelihood of pregnancy.


We are providing the service of injecting a small volume of activated sperm Intra uterine during ovulation as detected by US and hormonal testing in urine.


Ovarian stimulation and monitoring is followed by aspirating the oocytes outside the body through a needle into the vagina guided by US. The oocytes are.....


With advanced services, we perform intracytoplasmic sperm injection under a microscope aspirated in a fine glass micro needle to be injected into the oocyte.

Male infertility, TESA/TESE

Our expert andrologist will examine the husband clinically to assess the cause of infertility. In cases where no sperms are found in the semen, a simple.....


Taking a biopsy (one cell) from the embryo to be tested genetically to ensure the transfer of healthy embryos. It is indicated to avoid the risk of transmitting.....

Fertility preservation: Cryosemen

Cancer patients can use preservation fertility before receiving treatment which is achieved by safely storing in liquid nitrogen.

Fertility preservation: Oocyte vitrification

Long-term storage for oocytes can be done to preserve fertility before undergoing cancer treatment. The patient will undergo ovarian stimulation and oocyte pick.....

Fertility Surgery : Hysteroscopy

we facilitate hysteroscopy by using the latest technological cameras & instruments that are introduced to evaluate and treat mothers with infertility.

karyotype test for infertility

Test abnormal chromosomes by Karyotype testing for infertility with the best medical interference using the latest technologies.

Screening for Thalassaemia

the ideal center to examine a blood sample by screening for thalassemia through HB electrophoresis to determine the percentage of HB A type & solve the case.

Antenatal care

The most trusted center for antenatal care to all pregnant patients who wish to follow up with their pregnancy under the supervision of our team of expertise