Antenatal care

The Egyptian IVF center offers antenatal care to all our pregnant patients who wish to follow up with their pregnancy under the supervision of our team of expertise, excluding the patients referred by physicians who are not working in the center. Those patients will be asked to follow up with their initial doctors. Antenatal at the IVF center involves the first visit to confirm viability of pregnancy, which is done by transvaginal ultrasound at 7 weeks (5 weeks after the positive pregnancy test). During this ultrasound we confirm the presence of fetal pulsation and the number of gestational sacs. Instructions are given on medications and lifestyle.Follow up visits are held monthly to follow up weight gain, blood pressure, instructions on Vitamin supplementation and general pregnancy complaints.The center offers 3D ultrasound examinations at least twice during pregnancy; the 11-14 weeks to screen for Down’s syndrome and check fetal anatomy, and 20-24 weeks scan to recheck fetal anatomy, monitor growth and development of organs. We don’t believe in exposing the fetus to ultra sounds waves unnecessarily, thus subsequent scans are only undertaken if need arises.The team at the Egyptian IVF center supervises and manages the delivery of our patients in facilities (hospitals) within and without the precincts of Cairo according to patients’ choice and convenience.